Golf Team Enjoys Trip to FIT Challenge Course

Golf Team Enjoys Trip to FIT Challenge Course

March 15, 2016 - After finishing tied for second at the Florida Tech Invitational last week – the third consecutive second-place finish for the Eastern Florida State College men's golf team – Titans coach Jamie Howell decided he needed to do something different.

So instead of taking the players back on the golf course last Friday, Howell took his players to the Florida Tech Challenge Course in Fellsmere.

After pairing up and getting tethered, the players – and Howell – went through the ropes course where they were anywhere from 20-35 feet above ground and moving from station to station.

When they were done, they were taken through a Marine Corps style physical training course.

It was a physically draining, three-hour workout, but results couldn't have been better.

"The cool thing was they were laughing and they were carrying on and acting like a team," Howell said. "There was no hangover from Florida Tech, and that's what I wanted."

Not only did the experience help the Titans get their minds off their recent tournament performances, it also helped give them a fresh perspective.

"I think what they got out of it was one, they had to think and act on their feet doing some things that are different than everyday life," Howell said.

"Two, maybe it's not necessarily the best comparison, but they did get to see a little bit of what our service people do when it comes to physical training, some of the demands on them, and maybe have a better appreciation for what those men and women are doing to give us the opportunity to play golf in college.

"I think all of that played into it, and that was worthwhile."

The Titans return to action April 3-5 when they play in the Barry Buccaneer Invitational in Miami Beach.