Former Titan Kerry Sweeney preparing for Asian Tour

Former Titan Kerry Sweeney preparing for Asian Tour

Former Eastern Florida State College men's golfer Kerry Sweeney is getting ready to play in the Asian Tour beginning in February.

Sweeney graduated from the University of Mississippi last year and decided to take some time away from the game after playing two seasons with the Rebels.

"I will be honest, I wasn't sure if I wanted to turn pro after college. I was so down on myself at Ole Miss, I just didn't play up to my expectations in my senior year so I just started working over the summer and didn't really think about it but when I started thinking about my future, I started working on my game again and fell in love with it," Sweeney said before a workout. "As I began playing more, I began getting better than when I was at Ole Miss and it panned out for me."

Sweeney went to the Asian Tour Qualifying School in Thailand and qualified for the tour by shooting 13-under in the 90-hole event, securing his Asian Tour card.

"I am so excited to do this, I am getting a chance to travel all around the world and play golf. Not many people get that opportunity, so I plan to make the most of it, play golf and have fun," Sweeney said. "If I have learned anything, whatever the score is after 18 holes, that is what it is.  You can't control anyone in front of you are who you are playing with, just have to play my game and if I am having fun playing, that is all that matters."

The former Holy Trinity standout has won a state title in high school and was the NJCAA National Championship Tournament champion at Eastern Florida State College in 2016. He will now try to win in the Asian Tour.

"The golf part is easy, I have been preparing for that my whole life, but the different languages and the travel will be the biggest challenge," Sweeney said. "At Ole Miss I learned that the travel can be tough and how you deal with that stuff is important. How do I get around, how will I live in different countries? It will be as important as the golf because in order to play well, you have to live as stress free as possible."

Sweeney said he has a good group of Americans that are also competing in the Asian Tour and he is looking forward to the challenge.

"I think I am prepared, mentally I am strong and feel good with my game. I am ready for the challenge and looking forward to just having fun and playing golf," Sweeney said.

The Asian Tour goes from January until October and Sweeney is hoping to play a couple times a month depending on travel.