Seville shines in JUCO basketball showcase

Seville shines in JUCO basketball showcase

Two years ago, Shaquille Seville would never have imagined his phone ringing the way it has this past week.

The 6-foot-8, 250 pound Eastern Florida State College center has been hearing from coaches all over the country after shining during the JUCO Report Elite 150 showcase in Georgia.

"I went out onto the court and just told myself that I play with the No. 2 team in the nation every day, so I can play with these guys," said Seville who is entering his sophomore season with the Titans. "You go to a place where you don't have your coach there telling you what he needs so you have more freedom than usual and it is all on you to perform."

Seville, a graduate of Heritage High School, played with Eastern Florida State College teammate Logan Folsom, who is from Melbourne High and also had a big weekend in Georgia.

"Logan gave me some great passes and I saw the first couple go into the net and after that I was feeling good," Seville said. "I have known Logan all my life so I felt really comfortable and it was just another pickup game for us. I knew once Logan was on the court with me that he would get the ball in my hands with the screen and roll. It just built my confidence."

The confidence helped the center who did not play basketball in high school but came to Eastern Florida State College over a year ago hoping to be a part of the team.

"I had no footwork in the post, had trouble handling the ball," Seville said laughing. "I definitely have worked a lot on my game to get where I am now with the help of coach (Jeremy) Shulman and the staff. I feel so much more comfortable in the post, a lot more confident with my mid-range shot, just more confident with a lot of my game."

Seville showed those skills in Georgia, scoring 20 points and grabbing 12 rebounds in one of the games in front of college scouts. It led to a lot of phone calls and some Division I schools have already made offers for Seville to join them next season.

"I am not going to lie it brought tears to my eyes, you go from not playing basketball in high school to getting Division I offers. Players have been working their whole lives and don't get those so I just feel blessed," Seville said.

Seville and his Titans are preparing to make another run at a national championship after falling in the championship game last season.

"My confidence right now is sky high. I really feel like I can do great things this year. I feel like I can make a bigger impact this season to help this team because of the work I have put in and the results I have seen," Seville said. "It just makes me think that this season can go exactly like we want. We can make another run to the national championship tournament and I feel like I will be able to help us get there."